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    FREE Balancing Dragonfly Paper Craft Download 

    My thank you gift for helping me reach my “likes” goal on Facebook.
    Download this template (354 KB pdf) for the amazing balancing dragonfly craft! (Many more craft activities like this are available in my Dragonfly Curriculum Guide.)

    Dragonfly Video Links:

    Ami’s Winter Dragonfly Research (UMN Extension Produced for Educators)
    Using Dragonfly Citizen Science in the Classroom with Ami (UMN Extension Produced for Educators)

    Slow-Mo Video of Nymphs Hunting (YouTube)
    Nymph Hunting (YouTube)
    Dragonfly Emerging – longer clip (YouTube)
    Dragonfly Emerging – shorter clip (YouTube)
    Slow Motion Video of Wings and Wing Muscles (Gizmodo)
    Wing Whirring (Facebook) – you may need to join the Minnesota Dragonfly Society Facebook page to watch
    Hawking-style Hunting (YouTube)
    Many Behaviors (BBC website) – “Chase, Dart, Skim or Hawk” and “Ariel Dogfights”
    Many Behaviors (BBC website) – “Winging It”

    Online Resources:
    Odonata Central (Get county species lists and report new records)
    How to Build a Sandwich Aquarium (cool tool for showing aquatic creatures to groups)
    Minnesota Dragonfly Society (Minnesota citizen science and education organization)
    UMN Extension Driven to Discover Citizen Science Curricula Free Download (One each for Birds, Pollinators, Dragonflies & Phenology)

    Dragonfly Curriculum Guide Download
    If you have purchased a paperback copy or if you have attended a Dragonfly Workshop you can download the Dragonfly Curriculum Guide and the accompanying files. All files are password protected.

    NOTE: You may need to email me ( to get the new password for these files. (Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature shows the interior page with the original password so I needed to make a new one.)

    Full Dragonfly Guide (20.7 Mbs)

    Links to supplemental curriculum guide materials:
    1 Photos of Odes PDF
    2 Ode Name Game PDF
    3 Life Stages PDF
    4 Ode Families PDF
    5 Behaviors PDF




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